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Our Brand – Where it all starts with an Inspiration

WhoClayedThat was founded in 2019 and is based in Singapore. At WhoClayedThat, the essence of having our creations handcrafted from inspirations features the maker’s love to play and make things from a spark of inspiration and her imagination.

What we create is not just a piece of jewellery – it is an artisanal form of art where everything is slow-made, in contrast to the vast and fast-paced world, where fashion accessories are usually mass-produced. Our creations are unique, playful, quirky yet elegant – the perfect accessory to suit every occasion.

Our brand is raised on our stance to be original and to always be true to oneself. We hope that wearing our art will always remind you to stay true to yourself and to always do what makes YOU happy.

Resin x Clay x Florals: Roses

Who We Are – Founder-Maker

Charlotte Chng is the founder and maker of WhoClayedThat. She started WhoClayedThat in 2019, during her final year of polytechnic. It served as an avenue for her to get away from the hectic life of a student and to grow her passion for the visual arts.

Since young, Charlotte loved exploring, making and creating new things. Being able to pursue her love for the arts through WhoClayedThat has just been a dream-come-true.

Charlotte is also a quirky individual, who has a keen eye for colours, patterns, and textures. She has a huge love for peculiar items - especially things that the crowd views as mismatched, imperfect, or “weird”.

Despite that eccentricity, she is a perfectionist and strives for perfection in her craft.

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